Too Sick is Too Sick: Gut bucket guitar, blues, and smooth, high-livin' honey in a whiskey jar for pipes.

Lynnea and Ted Lauffer, Gray Dog Deli


OMG is this guy is good!  Epic night of Blues Music...

Tony Koenk, Brix 340


Thanks for putting on such a great set. Mark Nov. 2nd, 2019. I'd love to have you back!

Brian Rogan, Promotor, Chicago Cigar Box Festival



From the Infirmary

Blues, Stomps, and Hollers 

What a great time we had in Mineral Point at the awesome Gray Dog Deli! Too Sick left them with a lot of blues. That was one singing and dancing crowd!! We'll be back September 7th for another show. 

Another fun one! 

Thanks to all that came out to the Hop Garden in Paoli on a beautiful Friday night! What a wonderful setting. Too Sick gave them a lot of blues they could use. We'll be working on a return later this year or in 2019. Next up, we travel own the road to Mineral Point. Really excited about this one. Hope to see you at the Gray Dog Deli at 7:30 PM. The week after Too Sick is part of the outdoor summer concert series at Badger Prairie Park. 

"Particularly with the blues, it's not just about bad times. It's about the healing spirit."

Taj Mahal


Buckle up Sparky! Too Sick has been invited to the Chicago Cigar Box Festival in November. It's shaping up to be a super event with prominent cigar box musicians from all over the US. Hey, that includes me.... Get a preview and check shows for updates and local shows if you can't make the trip.

Why I love Sheboygan 

They say in Colorado it's the winter that brings you and the summers that keep you. Well to paraphrase, the Big Lake brings you to Sheboygan but those awesome blues fans will keep you! The Limelight Pub was packed last night! Can't say enough great things about Roman and his staff. What a classy place. And the crowd...well when you say you're going to play a R.L. Burnside song and people cheer, you just got to love it. We even did a live Facebook feed of a song to one person's son in the Marines stationed in Florida. What a great group of people. Can't wait to come back!!!!

Janesville done and gone... 

Thanks to all who came out on St. Patrick's Day to hear Too Sick open for John Nelson and friends! We left them with a lot of blues... I also acquired a fine green sequin short brim fedora for future St. Pat's Day gigs. Definitely interesting being a musician on this day; I think me and the several police I saw were the only ones in town sober. At least I hope they were....Janesville knows how to throw a party.

The day after... 

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to see Too Sick play at the Yahara Bay Distillery. What an amazing crowd and venue!!!! Photos are up. Looking forward to next time.


Too Sick will be at Yahara Bay Distillery tonight. Hope to see you there. Having been living up to my name as I'm battling back from pneumonia all week. Can't decide if I should either write a song, Pneumonia Blues or call this the Back From the Dead Tour....

Yahara Bay 

Upcoming show at Yahara Bay Distillery in Madison! See SHOWS for details. Great spirits and music that will be snake oil for your soul.

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